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Getting Started


The recommended way to install Bernard is using Composer. If your projects do not already use this, it is highly recommended to start using it.

To install Bernard, run:

$ composer require bernard/bernard

Then look at what kind of drivers and serializers are available and install the ones you need before you are going to use Bernard.


There are numerous examples of running Bernard in the example directory. The files are named after the driver they are using. Each file takes the argument consume or produce. For instance, to use the Predis driver, use:

$ php ./example/predis.php consume
$ php ./example/predis.php produce

And you would see properly a lot of output showing an error. This is because the ErrorLogMiddleware is registered and shows all exceptions. In this case, the exception is caused by rand() always returning 7.

This directory is a good source for setting stuff up and can be used as a go to guide.