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Producing messages

Any message sent to Bernard must be an instance of Bernard\Message, which has a getName. getName is used when working on messages and identifies the worker service that should work on it.

A message is given to a producer that sends the message to the right queue. It is also possible to get the queue directly from the queue factory and push the message there. But remember to wrap the message in an Envelope object. The easiest way is to give it to the producer, as the queue name is taken from the message object.

To make it easier to send messages and not require every type to be implemented in a separate class, a Bernard\Message\PlainMessage is provided. It can hold any number of properties and only needs a name for the message. The queue name is then generated from that. When generating the queue name it will insert a “_” before any uppercase letter and then lowercase the name.


use Bernard\Message\PlainMessage;
use Bernard\Producer;
use Bernard\QueueFactory\PersistentFactory;
use Bernard\Serializer;

//.. create $driver
$factory = new PersistentFactory($driver, new Serializer());
$producer = new Producer($factory);

$message = new PlainMessage('SendNewsletter', array(
    'newsletterId' => 12,