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Juno is a small web application build in Silex and AngularJS. It provides a nice interface for introspection and monitoring of Bernard.

It can be run as a single application or it can be embedded Silex through a Service Provider. Also i can be wrapped with StackPHP and be pseudu embedded. You can read more about StackPHP here.


As all other appliations in the PHP world Juno is installed through Composer. Composer will handle autoloading and package dependency resolvement.

composer require bernard/juno:~1.0

To run Juno on its own just install it with Composer and create a front controller. Juno provides a function that bootstraps the application. As the function returns the instance it is possible to do any configuration at this point.


$app = Juno\create_application($debug = true);

Now copy the frontend resources in to a folder that lets /juno/app.js be found. Assuming we use web as the document root this will look like this. Also you can do a symlink.

$ cp -R vendor/bernard/juno/src/Resources/public web/juno