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Our collection of PHP libraries makes it super easy and enjoyable to do background processing in any application.


Bernard is there to help you utilize background processing in an unobtrusive way while still being extensible and easy to use.

We support a variety of drivers including but not limited to Google AppEngine, Amazon SQS, Redis and Beanstalk (see the full list in our documentation).


What good is a message queue without any information? That is why we created Juno. It shows information about queues, consumer, messages and much more.

We build it on top of AngularJS and Silex to make it extensible and modular. Also did we mention you can embed it into your application with StackPHP?


Makes it easy for you to not invest in Hadoop and keep your quick development cycles by enabling MapReduce with PHP iterators.

With a simple interface it has a lot of powerful possibilities.